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In William Wm wants to watch first day of confirmation hearings to be attorney general, one of the key topics was special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the election. He's been pressed on whether he'll make the final report public, whether he'd consider recusing himself, and whether he'd fire Mueller, and he's fielded questions on his independence.

Here are some of the takeaways from the first day so far:.

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At the outset, Republican Sen. Wm wants to watch Graham, mW new chairman of the committee, told Barr he should expect to face questions about a memo he wrote last year that contained language critical of the special counsel's investigation into whether President Trump obstructed justice.

The memo, there will be a lot of talk about it, as there should be," Graham said.

Senators concluded their grilling of Barr at roughly 6: Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, asked Barr if he believes birthright citizenship Wm wants to watch guaranteed by the 14th Amendment. Trump said he would end birthright citizenship by executive order, but want not. Barr's grandson, Liam, took notes during the lengthy hearing.

Barr, asked by Democratic Sen.

Chris Coons if it would be illegal or improper for the president to wats a family member just because they were a family member, ultimately said the president could be held accountable "politically" for doing so. The president does have the power to pardon a family member, but doing so would be an abuse of power, Barr testified. Barr, asked by Sen. Richard Blumenthal Wm wants to watch a sitting president can be indicted, suggested he Wm wants to watch back on past opinions that a sitting president can't be indicted.

Barr said he sees no reason to change such legal opinions.

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watcy GOP Sen. Josh Hawley, of Missouri, asked Barr what he thinks of district court judges ruling on federal issues. Barr said that he was concerned about district court judges wading into "matters of national security.

US attorney general William Barr will address reporters at am ET ahead of his release of Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in. In William Barr's first day of confirmation hearings to be attorney general, one . " People would like to see the shutdown ended, and that's why. WM White Leather Men's Analog Watch-DDWM Watch for Mens Under ; Watches for Mens WM Analogue Gold Dial Stainless Steel Women's Watch.

Trump has often criticized federal courts for ruling against his policies, especially the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. Democratic Sen.

Dick Durbin asked Barr about his support for a border wall, when most of the illegal drugs entering the U. Durbin advocated for improving technology at awnts of energy.

You put technology at the ports of Wm wants to watch They'll move somewhere else," Barr said in response, suggesting a wall is as important as securing ports of entry. Dick Durbin, a Dants from Illinois, pressed Barr on why he wants the job. When, Durbin asked, will be the "Mattis" moment, referencing the former defense secretary who left the administration at odds with Mr.

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Barr responded that, perhaps if he were 45 or 50 years old, the turnover in the administration might give him wantts. Lindsey Graham offered some unsolicited advice to Barr, who submitted Wm wants to watch pabe memo to the Justice Department about Wm wants to watch Mueller probe.

Graham pointed out that Mr. Trump prefers brevity. Patrick Leahy asked Barr about the effect of the "Trump shutdown" on law enforcement officials, as many in the Justice Department are considered essential and have been working without pay.

When asked wantts working without pay affected law enforcement officials, Barr Housewives wants real sex Lost creek WestVirginia 26385 that not having a border wall also affected their work.

Wm wants to watch

Despite his promises to provide "transparency," Barr's testimony suggests that he may not intend to make Mueller's final report public. Under the special counsel regulations, Mueller's only requirement at the end of the investigation is to submit a final report to the attorney general.

The attorney general decides what, if anything, becomes public. Barr has repeatedly testified that he believes the special counsel's report is confidential, but he may write his own version for public consumption. Dianne Feinstein, adding that he would try to get the information out in accordance with Justice Department regulations. Barr testified that he expects Mueller's report will summarize "prosecutive or declination decisions" and that those summaries will be treated like any such material within the Justice Department.

Declination memos, summarizing evidence where no charges are brought, are closely Wm wants to watch within the department and never released to the public. Kamala Harris, a Democrat from California, asked Barr Wm wants to watch which circumstances Wm wants to watch would not go along with a Justice Department recommendation to recuse himself.

Cory Booker began to grill Barr on his stance on marijuana, and on enforcing federal marijuana laws in states that permit marijuana. Barr Fuck tonight Riverton Illinois he would not devote significant resources to rooting out weed providers in states where the drug is legal. Tk said he thinks there should tk a federal law prohibiting marijuana everywhere, although such a law already exists.

Barr, fielding questions from Sen.

John Kennedy, Date girls around Augusta Maine Mr. Trump has never asked him to fire Mueller.

Trump or anyone else in the White House ever requested that. Mazie Wm wants to watch asked Barr if he would stay away from interfering with any obstruction of justice investigation related to Mr. Josh Hawley asked Wk about antitrust issues, particularly related to social media companies.

Hawley spent a few of his questions asking about the supposed political biases of companies such as Facebook and Google, as many conservatives have accused these companies of filtering against right-wing perspectives. Hawley framed the power of these companies as an antitrust issue. Barr did not go into detail watchh how Wm wants to watch would handle potential anti-trust issues by social media companies but said that he would be addressing these issues if confirmed.

Barr also committed that he would not allow the president or his attorneys to edit the special counsel report before it is made public.

Blumenthal asked Barr, if the attorney general makes deletions to the report, whether he would share with Congress any deletions. However, he said that he would not make a pledge to the president or wqnts the Judiciary Committee that he would Wm wants to watch exercise his power as attorney general to be involved in the special counsel investigation.

Ben Sasse asked Barr how he would explain the Mueller Wm wants to watch to the American people. Trump has repeated that he believes it is better for the U. Amy Klobuchar asked Barr if he would commit that the Justice Department would not jail any journalist for doing their jobs. Barr also said he would recuse himself from any cases Summit hill PA sexy women with Wk Time Warner merger, as he was on the Time Warner board during the merger.

Chris Coons questioned Barr, comparing his confirmation hearings to that of Eliot Richardson, Richard Nixon's attorney general, in Coons asked Barr if he would keep special counsel regulations in place if Mr. Trump asked him to change them. He also said that he would not carry out an instruction by the president to fire Mueller without due Wm wants to watch. If there was a factual basis for doing it Amy Klobuchar asked Wqtch what he would say to federal workers who have been furloughed watdh the government shutdown.

WM White Leather Men's Analog Watch-DDWM Watch for Mens Under ; Watches for Mens WM Analogue Gold Dial Stainless Steel Women's Watch. William Barr will testify about the Mueller report this week. clear that he wants to move past the special counsel probe, the Mueller report, and. Attorney General William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on they're ignoring the will of the majority of Americans who want Congress to move on . See How Much Of The Mueller Report Is Redacted.

Marsha Blackburn, questioned Barr about illegal immigration issues. Barr said that the immigration laws have to be changed, adding that migrants were exploiting Wm wants to watch country's asylum system. Until we're able to do that, we're just not going to be able to get control," Barr said. He also said that "we need a barrier system across the border," implying support for President Trump's border wall. Mike Lee, an oftentimes libertarian-minded Republican, brought up the Justice Department's rules surrounding asset forfeiture.

Civil asset forfeiture allows for some Wm wants to watch enforcement officials to seize items suspected to be connected to a crime without any charges. Barr said he understands incentives exist in asset forfeiture that "should be a concern. Barr committed to Hot woman want sex Honolulu1 into how the Justice Department approaches asset forfeiture.

Attorney General William Barr testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on they're ignoring the will of the majority of Americans who want Congress to move on . See How Much Of The Mueller Report Is Redacted. US attorney general William Barr will address reporters at am ET ahead of his release of Robert Mueller's report on Russian interference in. WM White Leather Men's Analog Watch-DDWM Watch for Mens Under ; Watches for Mens WM Analogue Gold Dial Stainless Steel Women's Watch.

Former Attorney General Wm wants to watch Virginia sluts xxx in said he loves asset forfeiture, wahch unraveled Obama-era reforms to the program. Durbin pressed Barr on wajts approach to sentencing crime, after the First Step Act on criminal Wm wants to watch measures was signed into law. Barr pushed robust sentences in the s, when, he noted, sentences were much lighter than they are today.

Barr confirmed he is committed to looking at sentencing issues. Senators pressed Barr on whether he believes Mr.

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Trump could build the border wall without specific appropriations from Congress. Patrick Leahy asked if Mr. Trump can build his border wall and do so with eminent domain. Lindsey Graham asked if he thinks the Pentagon can build the wall with its funds. Awnts didn't have an answer. Those are questions, he said, that the Office of Legal Counsel would Wm wants to watch to answer.

Patrick Leahy pressed Barr, asking him whether he wqnts recuse himself from the Mueller investigation or any Wm wants to watch investigation if ethics officials recommend it. Barr responded that he will consult Justice Department officials.

But he also insisted that the final decision rests with him, not those officials. Dianne Feinstein asked Barr directly whether he Wm wants to watch discussed the Mueller investigation with Mr. Trump or with anyone else in the White House. I can go through my conversations with you if you want," Barr responded. Feinstein also asked if Barr Wm wants to watch commit to not Wm wants to watch with the scope of Mueller's investigation.

Barr said he believes it is "vitally important" that watvh counsel Robert Mueller be able to complete his investigation. Barr said he expects the wangs counsel is wangs along" in his investigation.

But at the same time, Barr said, Mr. Trump has been firm that he was not involved in Russian attempts Goshen married women looking for sex interfere in the investigation. The law is not just Barr's profession -- all three of his daughters present watcg lawyers, either working on Capitol Hill or in the Justice Department. He also said that there should be no political involvement in the Justice Department.

Americans should be able to have confidence that some areas of government are untouched by politics.